Real Reason Late Folawiyo’s Family Will Not Accept Abba

Abba_FolawiyoIt is no more news that the late Baba Adini of Nigeria, Alhaji Iyanda Folawiyo’s family and his last wife, Hajia Abba Folawiyo, are at loggerheads. If you recollect, the whole family of the late philanthropist are at war with the man’s last wife for so many reasons, one of which is the way she treated them when the man was alive. They claim she was the reason the man chased all other wives out of the home so that she could have the chance to manipulate the industrialist.

She was also accused of influencing the man into forcing them to come to her for money as he made sure they all channeled their requests to her personal office, which meant she would see their requests before the Baba Adini could assent to their requests. Some even claim sometimes she did her best to deny them their requests.

Abba, we gathered, is not only facing crisis from the immediate family of the late industrialist but also from his extended family, simply because she did not have a child for him. It would be recalled the philanthropist was the third husband of the woman, who is adept at attracting marriage invitations from society bigwigs since her first husband, who was the first son of the late sage, Obafemi Awolowo, died in a car crash many decades back. At a time she got married to Jagun Adesanya, an Ijebu socialite whose praise was sung in one of the old albums of Ebenezer Obey before he turned an evangelist. They also accuse her of choosing not to have an issue for every husband she married after the death of Segun. They claim she has no child for and therefore should have no part to the property of the businessman.

She also attracted enmity from the first son of the house, in whose care the family business is placed for administration. Tunde Folawiyo took over the running of his father’s business even when the man was still alive and it was revealed that she acted in way that infuriated Tunde while the father was having a party thrown years back and she decided that her son will be the host of the occasion as against Tunde who everybody was expecting. This nearly brought her on a collision course with the heir and many felt she acted below expectation as such event was expected to be used to create an enabling environment between her and her step son.

source: globalnewsmagazine

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