Why Zimbabwean Prime Minister Visited TB Joshua

Pastor TB JoshuaZimbabwean Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, sneaked into Lagos on Wednesday to pay homage to Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Sources revealed that his visit is concerned with the preparation for next year's general elections in his country. The prime minister is the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose members dominate the Zimbabwean National Assembly. He is believed to have won the presidential election in 2008 but had to accept the power sharing deal brokered by the former president of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, when it became impossible to hold the run-off elections between him and leader of ZANUPF, Robert Mugabe, who is also the incumbent president of the country.

Sources in the Synagogue Church revealed Tsvangirai got in touch with Prophet Joshua through South African President, Jacob Zuma, who is an associate of Joshua. According to the source, when the prime minister called Joshua on phone before the last presidential election, the pastor told him he would not be the president in 2008. The source further said, the man of God told him that he would not emerge victorious in the election but did not believe it. It turned out that he was physically beaten and sent to jail. He again called the man of God when the international community was about to intervene in the debacle.

The man of God told him, when he called again that he would be offered the position of prime minister and advised him to accept it. When the prime minister discovered that whatever the man of God said came to pass, he decided to pay him a visit before the preparation for the election scheduled to hold gathers momentum. The source further revealed that the prime minister was the guest of Joshua for some days. As at penultimate Thursday, he was still in Lagos with Joshua.

Tsvangirai is not the first president to have viisited Joshua. Ghanian president JohnAttah Mills has equally visited the Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos. Others that have visited Joshua include Fredick Chiluba former president of Zambia, Professor Pasal Lissouba, former president of Congo Brazzaville, General Andre Kolingba of Central African Republic, the late Omar Bongo of Gabon and Zulu King, Zwetithini among others.

Joshua is believed  to have played a role through prayers, in the eventual emergence of current Ghanian leader. Sources say when Mills was vice president, Joshua told him he would be president in future. It was gathered that Mills did not believe it  and said he would go back to teaching.

A source at the Church said, he was a professor at a Canadian University but later came back to contest in 2002 and lost the election, as predicted by the man of God. He contested theree times before he emerged as the president of Ghana. Mills told the congregation the story of his encounter with the man of God when he came for thanksgiving at the church. Mills spoke of how the man of God  that the election and the result would be announced in December. But the man of God told him there were three elections before him and that the result would be announced in January.

source: bravoweekly


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